SOHO offers modern and comfortable work spaces. Our fully flexible and premium work solutions include private spaces, call rooms and dedicated daily co-work desks. View our spaces below.


Private spaces that suit your needs, with features such as noise reduction, heightened privacy, flexible furniture arrangements teleconferencing, TV screens for presentations.

Boardroom soho


Dedicated open work spaces bookable by the hour or per day. Specifically laid out to create a more quiet and comfortable work environment.

Conferencing and
group packages

Please contact our team (below) to find out how we can help you provide a convenient and comfortable conferencing solution, in Cape Town, for you and your colleagues/clients.

work desks

Work space pricing

Board room (6-8 pax)

  • 1 hour @R300
  • 2 hours @R600
  • 3 hours @R300
  • 4 hours @R900
  • 8 hours @R1500

Meeting room (4 pax)

  • 1 hour @R200
  • 2 hours @R400
  • 3 hours @R500
  • 4 hours @R600
  • 5 hours @R700
  • 6 hours @R800
  • 7 hours @R900
  • 8 hours @R100

Dedicated work desks

  • Per hour – R50
  • Per day – R200

Additional services

  • Conference packages: Prices and packages available on
  • Zoom rooms from R100 per hour
  • Weekly and monthly options available on request


Come and experience the future of co-working and printing at SOHO. We look forward to welcoming you to our community soon!

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